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If you experience extreme mood swings, from intense sadness and depression to periods of manic excitement and energy, you may have bipolar disorder. Teresa M. Anderson, MD, a leading psychiatrist in Cincinnati, offers expert diagnosis and treatment for bipolar disorder. She can help restore your overall wellness with customized therapies that include medicine, talk therapy, ketamine infusion therapy, and personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (PrTMS™). Call Teresa M. Anderson, M.D., Inc., or make an appointment online today for expert psychiatric care in Cincinnati.

Bipolar Disorder Q & A

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a specific type of depression characterized by severe changes in your mood. Formerly known as manic-depressive disorder, the unusual changes in your mood and energy levels typically disrupt your ability to complete regular daily activities.

There are three classifications of bipolar disorder: bipolar I, bipolar II, and cyclothymic disorder. Bipolar I causes severe mood swings and is usually diagnosed following a manic episode. You may have periods of “normal moods” during your mood cycles. Bipolar II is defined by depressive episodes and your highs are hypomanic, which aren’t as severe as a full-blown manic episode.

Cyclothymic disorder causes less severe emotional extremes but is defined by periods of depression that last for months or even years. You experience hypomanic symptoms, but don’t meet the diagnostic requirements for a sustained hypomanic episode.

What causes bipolar disorder?

Imbalances in your brain chemistry cause bipolar disorder. Malfunctioning neurotransmitters that should regulate your mood are reduced in both quantity and quality, and you develop symptoms of depression and mania, swinging between the two.

Your risk of bipolar disorder is higher if you have a personal or family history of bipolar disorder, depression, or other mental health conditions.

How is bipolar disorder treated?

Dr. Anderson treats bipolar disorder with a combination of medicine or alternative therapies such as ketamine infusion therapy or PrTMS™ and talk therapy. Medication, including antidepressants and low doses of ketamine or PrTMS, helps regulate your brain chemistry and relieve your symptoms so you can focus your energy on exploring and processing any issues that contribute to your illness during psychotherapy sessions.

What is ketamine infusion therapy?

Ketamine infusion therapy is a low dose of ketamine delivered intravenously. Ketamine infusion therapy stimulates glutamate production. Increased glutamate levels enable your brain to produce more neurotransmitters. Additionally, your neurotransmitters have improved functionality, which reduces your symptoms.

What is PrTMS?

PrTMS is a noninvasive and medication-free treatment for bipolar disorder and depression. PrTMS delivers a repetitive pulse of magnetic energy that stimulates underactive neurons to improve neurotransmitter function in the region of your brain that regulates your mood, reducing your symptoms.

If bipolar disorder is interfering with your life, call Teresa M. Anderson, M.D., Inc., or make an appointment online for a comprehensive assessment and customized treatment.