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"Ketamine infusions are far superior to any PTSD or depression treatment on the market. I battle with C-PTSD on a daily basis. The best way I can describe the before and after is: imagine you are a zebra being chased by a lion. You get away from the lion thanks to your body’s fight or flight response. The lion is gone, and you are no longer obsessing about the lion. That has been my experience. The weight of depression is gone and the chest tightening or PTSD is short -lived and finally bearable. 

I love nurses Robin and Monica. To anyone considering this treatment, it’s 100% worth it."

-"Ms. N.I.*"

"Dr. Anderson is the most knowledgeable, professional and compassionate physician I have encountered. She is committed to making the Ketamine infusion experience as welcoming and effective as possible for each and every patient. Her entire staff are remarkably caring and positive professionals. I felt safe, relaxed and hopeful for the first time in a long time from the moment I entered their care.

Ketamine treatments have lifted me out of the quicksand of severe and chronic depression and freed me to have a life I want to live. Years of antidepressants temporarily dulled my senses enough to function, but the horrible side effects made them part of the swamp versus a way out of it. Right before my first Ketamine treatment with Dr. Anderson, I was barely hanging on having depleted all but the last drop of hope. I completely braced myself for failure and disappointment – I was so wrong!

I felt better with each treatment – the best I’ve felt in decades. At first, Ketamine turned down the volume on the hypercritical voice in my head. Then, it gave me the control to silence that voice myself. Before, I was powerless to deal with situations that spurred me into a tailspin. Now, I have the ability and motivation to put into action the coping strategies that I’ve learned but rarely used successfully. I no longer perceive everything as a threat; I have the space and time to assess situations and react appropriately – or not react at all. Those close to me notice that I get out of bed easier, see me smile more and hear the hope in my voice.

The blessings of Ketamine treatments, Dr. Anderson and her staff have been life changing. I am forever grateful."

-"Ms. E. L.*"

"I lived under the weight of my pain and depression for over 20 years. I had lost all hope, and thought there was none to be found, until I met Dr. Anderson. These treatments and her listening ear saved my life. Now instead of dread, I wake up with thankfulness."

-"Mrs. D*" (31)

"Ketamine therapy infusions have seriously changed my life! I went from a 23 out of 27 on the depression scale to a zero!! I haven't felt this good since I was a child. I used to be in a really terrible state, but Dr. Anderson and her staff have brought me out of the darkness and into the light. I never thought I could be this person that is so alive and excited about life!"

-"Ms. A*" (25)

"Before ketamine, I though my life was as good as it was going to get. With therapy and medications, I was able to function, though it often felt like I was just surviving. 

After ketamine, I stopped just surviving and I am actually thriving.  

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Anderson and her team. They are professional and knowledgeable. More importantly, they are warm and friendly and have done an excellent job of setting up their office to put you at ease."

-"Ms. R. E.*" (30)

"I am forever grateful to Dr. Anderson and her team for their warm, professionalism and care, as I considered and received the ketamine infusion treatment. The time and money I committed to getting the ketamine was beyond worth the relief and happiness I now have in my life. 

In retrospect, I see that my hesitation to commit to the treatments was due to the same fears and anxiety that I no longer have. 

Thank you to Dr. Anderson, Amber, Maureen, Robin, Monica and Ciara for providing patient, intelligent care that enabled me to help myself have a much fuller life!"

-"Mrs. N. N.*" (48)

"This treatment has been miraculous, and I use the work miraculous to its full extent. I did not realize how much of my life I missed because of depression. It wasn’t until my fourth treatment that I felt I had gotten my life back. My only regret is not doing this sooner! The results are rapid, I felt significantly better after each infusion. 

This has been the only thing that has worked for what my old doctor coined “treatment resistant depression”, but I am treatment resistant no more. 

Thank you Dr. Anderson and staff, you have no idea how much you have helped me."

-"Mrs. S. E.*" (34)

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