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If your treatment for depression isn’t working, then ketamine infusion therapy may be your answer.

Ketamine infusion therapy is the latest advancement in the treatment of depression for those who fail to respond to traditional depression treatments such as oral medications. Ketamine infusions have shown effectiveness in 70 percent of patients and in at least one study has shown to be more effective than electroconvulsive therapy.

Benefits of Ketamine Infusion Therapy:

  • Fast acting effects take hold within hours vs the months oral medications can take

  • Fewer immediate side effects than oral medications

  • No significant, persistent long-term side effects

In addition to treating depression, ketamine infusion therapy also treats 
anxiety, PTSD, and OCD.

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**Disclaimer: Ketamine is not FDA-approved for the treatment of anxiety, depression, or PTSD.  Its use is considered off-label and discussions on this website are purely education for informational purposes only.  Medical decisions regarding its use should be discussed with your own personal medical professional.**

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