Interesting ketamine info I learned at the ASKP conference

Good morning! I wanted to share some interesting points I learned about using ketamine infusions for the treatment of depression, anxiety and PTSD at the inaugural conference of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians in Austin, Texas this past weekend. It was an awesome experience to see other docs around the country doing what we do in our clinic!

Did you know that a woman’s responsiveness to ketamine infusions can change depending on what point she is in her cycle? The best days for treatment and booster infusions may be during days 13-17, about the time of ovulation.

Ketamine infusions may not work as well for people taking benzodiazepines, opioids, or pain medications chronically.

Use of oral contraceptives or even hormone-secreting IUDs may decrease a woman’s responsiveness to ketamine infusions if the drugs or devices increase her progesterone levels at all.

A person’s hydration level can affect how well they respond to ketamine infusions.

If you are found to be low in Vitamin D, B12, or magnesium, you might not respond as well to ketamine treatments until you are supplemented with these vitamins and essential nutrients!

While ketamine infusions have been found to decrease a person’s craving for both alcohol or illicit substances, the ketamine infusion itself can increase a person’s sensitivity to these substances, so the lows you experience will feel lower! A good reason to pick a treatment plan, stick with it and get support!

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